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Previous Entry On Boxes, and Boxes, and Boxes, and Boxes... Sep. 17th, 2010 @ 06:26 pm Next Entry
So uh... we lost the apartment.


All that no money stuff really cuts into my sitting around time. After much unknowns and discussions we've moved in with the parents of the Missus, into her old room even. With the possibility of going out to Sacramento if it doesn't work out (honestly it seems 50/50 at this moment.)

I had to down a couple of those five hour energy things with the retarted ass commercials to stay up for 40 straight hours to get it all moved out on time but I did it. And seriously how much do I fucking hate moving?

The answer is "This much!" With your arms really, really far apart.

The upside is that there's an upside, The Missus is less depressed now that the worst has happened and I got a job interview call the day after we moved out. Luckily I'd been updating applications with the new phone number for a while now. And the shiny big-ass TV is all set up and X-boxed and ready, which is all I need really. Though the PS3 is on the fritz with some hard drive issues, and we had to sell the Wii to my friend to pay the last of the rent (because we still live in the same complex, just somewhere else, and did not want them to hate and/or boot us) so it's a good thing I play the 360 the most.

Now watch me get the red ring tomorrow.

Man, you people must see that I've written in my journal and the first thought to enter your head just has to be "Damn, what the fuck happened to him NOW?" Trust me, you and me both.

Not all is bad though, I have a bitchin new hat that people actually say I look good in. Considering I usually look like a rabid hobo, this is a good thing.

Allright, I'll try to make the entire next entry about something that won't just depress all involved. Maybe some idiotic internet drama or me just bitching about some video game news or some shit. I mean hell, the new look of Devil May Cry looks pretty cool to me, and I'm firmly of the opinion that people whining can just shut the hell up. So obviously I've got it in me.
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