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Previous Entry Wasn't Planning On Writing This Much... Aug. 11th, 2010 @ 12:24 am Next Entry
So... we're basically going to lose the apartment, guaranteed. We've been able to scrap together and keep it for a surprising number of months now but all debts and favors and blackmails have been used dry. And still no jobs bite. Best, best case senario (after massive lottery win, natch) is to downgrade to a studio. But the move from 1,060 to 750 doesn't mean shit when you aint got no money, and your job sucks so hard you basically have a negative paycheck.

Options suck least all the way through to suck worst are basically "Move in with X" Wherin X is a short list of people willing to take us in, from preferable to... not so much. But we'll see what happens.

Oh, exciting news! I had a seriously close friend of 9 years basically blow a practical joke amazingly out of proportion and do her best to cut me out of her life while putting every iota of responsibility of trying to save said friendship on me. So she can say it's all my fault if it doesn't work out. You know, I'm actually adept at cutting people out of my life, I am me after all; pissing people off comes with the territory. But this is by far the oldest friendship I've had to watch wither. And the first time it's by someone I would honestly consider family, the only person actually, ever. So this is new. If I go into details (which I just might because reading my old posts I'm so vague I don't remember shit.) I'll likely do it here and not on any site rhyming with Facedook because then it goes from sharing my shit with my friends into passive-aggressive internet drama and I hate that shit.

You know, I'd write about not-depressing shit happening to me if not-depressing shit would ever bother to happen to me! Dammit.

Like so; scanner get! I've been scanning everything I can find (that will fit on the scanner) that I've done in the past year. It's not a great scanner, barely brushing up against good. And I'm still getting used to Gimp. But it's free and it works and it sends faxes and I love it for that, just like I love your mom for the same reasons. So up on the Deviantarts and the Facebooks go new stuff for the first time in around a fuckin year! Aint that a trip. And yes; the Facebooks, because I'm so social! It's half a place to show art to the people I know who wouldn't wander into Deviantart if the gods planned it, and half a place to sell stuff because I know someone who did just that. And in my own shattered ego my stuff is cooler, which is saying something.

And; should be getting a haircut soon, so this bitchin hobofro should be not long for this world, enjoy it while you can kids! You know, in your mind, because you can't actually see me.

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